Simulated Distillation

Distillation is the most widely used separation process in the petroleum industry. Knowledge of the boiling point distribution of crude oils and finished products is essential for quality control, environmental compliance and refinery process control. Conventional distillation tests such as ASTM D86, D1160, D2892 and D5236 determine the true boiling point distribution of crude oils and their products, but are both time consuming and labor intensive.

Simulated distillation is a gas chromatographic (GC) technique used to determine the boiling point distribution of crude oils and finished products. The hydrocarbon streams are injected onto a GC column and separated according to boiling point using a linear temperature ramp. A calibration sample consisting of a series of n-alkanes of known boiling point is used to construct a boiling point table relating retention time to both carbon number and boiling point. From this table the boiling point and carbon number distribution of a mixture may be determined. Many different industry standard methods exist for different streams with different profiles, but the general principles are identical.

PetroReporter is successfully used for Simulated Distillation by leading oil refineries around the World. Key features include:

  • Chromatography Data System independence;
  • Database allowing predefined sample setting by sample type;
  • Support for all industry standard methods;
  • Fully automated data processing, report generation and result export.

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Stream Boiling Point Range (°C) Application
Light Straight Naptha 0 – 150 ASTM D7096
Light Heavy Naptha 50 – 220 ASTM D7096
Gasoline 0 – 220 ASTM D7096
Light Gas Oil 100 – 300 ASTM D2887, IP406, EN-ISO 3924, DIN 51.534
Heavy Gas Oil 180 – 400 ASTM D2887, IP406, EN-ISO 3924
Vacuum Gas Oil 250 – 500 ASTM D7213, DIN 51435
Base Oil 250 – 500 ASTM D7500, EN 15199-1
Heavy Fuel Oil 300 – 600 ASTM D7213, D6352, D7500, DIN 5143, IP480, EN 15199-1
Waxy Streams 300 – 540 ASTM D5442
Crude Oil 0 – 750 ASTM D7169, IP545, EN 15199-3
Residue > 600 ASTM D7169, IP507, EN 15199-2
  • TBP Distribution Mass Percent report
  • Chromatogram
  • Alkanes Profile (ASTM D5442 Wax) report
  • Cut Point Distribution report
  • Flash Point Correlation report
  • Motor Oil Volatility report
  • Noack Evaporation Loss report
  • Volume Correlation report for ASTM D86, ASTM D86/STP 577 or ASTM D11560
  • Volume Correlation report (customisable)
  • Volume Cut Point report (customisable)
  • Agilent – OpenLab (EZChrom Edition)
  • Agilent – OpenLab (Chemstation Edition)
  • DataApex – Clarity
  • Perkin Elmer -TotalChrom
  • Scion Instruments – Compass CDS
  • Thermo – Atlas
  • Thermo Chromeleon

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