Manual entry of results into Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) represents the single largest source of reporting error and laboratory inefficiency.

The removal of these manual transcriptions by instrument interfacing delivers both increased productivity and data quality.


CI Informatics offer a method writing service for existing LIMSLINK customers.

Custom Solutions

There are good tools available “off-the-shelf” that are very powerful and flexible to cope with the huge range of instrument outputs that exist. This power and flexibility comes at a cost that can prove prohibitive. When a single interface is required for a given instrument, CI Informatics can develop User Specification Requirements with you and working with our development partner, deliver a “custom” interface to your specific requirements at very competitive prices. Successful implementations include:

  • ICP-MS (Mass Hunter)
  • IC (Chromeleon)
  • GC’s (Turbochrom)
  • Titrator’s (Tiamo)

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