Fusion QbD – Quality by Design software for Scientists and Engineers

Fusion QbD is a quality by design platform that works with your Chromatography Data System (CDS) to structure experiments and transform raw data into knowledge. Design of Experiment (DOE) tools, CDS integration, GMP compliance, and built-in intelligence, make Fusion QbD the premier QbD software choice for all your development activities.

Modules exist for HPLC method development, analytical method validation, product (or process) development, and inhaler testing. These tasks traditionally involve the use of multiple software packages, neither integrated with the next. This results in large quantities of data being manually transcribed from one software product to the other and represents the largest single source of quality issues, despite the large amount of time dedicated to transcription checking.

In addition, the necessary calculations and reporting are often performed in non 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software such as generic statistical packages, Excel, or CITDAS. This raises concerns over data integrity and traceability.

Fusion QbD does away with these issues with all activities being performed in a compliant environment. Fusion QbD saves time and money while improving compliance and quality.

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Fusion QbD Method Development

LC Method Development

Develop robust LC Methods in a fraction of the time using QbD methodologies 100% aligned with ICH guidelines. Maximise HPLC utilization with support for column and solvent switching valves and on-line mobile phase preparation.

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Fusion QbD Method Validation

Method Validation

Save time and money by automating your analytical method validation planning, execution, data analysis and report generation. Early and Final phase routines exist producing submittal quality reports.

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Fusion QbD Product Development

Product Development

Whatever the product or process, plan, organise, analyse and report your experimental data in one compliant application.

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Fusion QbD Inhaler Testing

Fusion Inhaler Testing

The only 21 CFR Part11 compliant product on the market for cascade impaction and delivered dose testing of inhalation devices. Huge time savings and quality improvements have been demonstrated by the adoption of Fusion Inhaler Testing.

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