CI Informatics take a pride and keen interest in delivering timely and effective customer support.

A typical customer support contract will include unlimited access to telephone and email support with the option to include software updates and/or “contract days”, to be used as required. Customer support may take the form of solving IT issues, software migration or upgrade, and “How do you?” application support. Remote support via WebEx may be provided by mutual arrangement. This is an excellent tool, allowing us to visualize your support issue first hand and usually resolve it without the need for a site visit.

Support contracts are typically incorporated into our product offerings at the time of sale but may be taken up at any time.

Contracts are available for:

  • Fusion Pro
  • Fusion QbD software suite
  • LC Method Development
  • Method Validation
  • Inhaler Testing
  • Product Development
  • Galaxie CDS
  • Compass CDS

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