Sample Streamer is a tool for the efficient management of sample analysis across your laboratory. It acts as a bridge between your LIMS/SCADA/ERM system where samples are created, and CompassCDS where samples are analysed.

Commands issued from your LIMS contain sample specific information. These commands are processed to queue samples on an appropriate instrument with an appropriate method ready of analysis. All necessary sample details are passed to CompassCDS automatically, negating the need for any transcription of sample or test details.

Sample Streamer affords the analyst a single “Global Sequence” view of all the samples in the laboratory across all their instruments, whether pending analysis, currently running, or recently completed. Completed chromatograms may be opened directly for data review, approval and reporting as necessary. Pending samples may be re-ordered as required to reflect actual sample arrival in the laboratory.

Manual creation of samples is also supported for those analysis not initiated from LIMS. For example, the running of blanks, method development, or instrument commissioning activities.

Sample Streamer can also run as a “black box” without any human intervention. Running as a windows service it can schedule analysis to be performed in CompassCDS from commands initiated by Process Control or SCADA systems. This makes it the perfect choice for on-line analysers sampling from process/plant streams or experimental test rigs.

Sample Streamer is a direct replacement for the Varian Galaxie Scheduler product discontinued by Agilent. Born out of a collaboration between ExxonMobil and Varian Inc., Galaxie Scheduler proved a major step forward for laboratory efficiency. Sample Streamer now provides improved functionality with all new code and an industry standard SQL database.

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Sample Streamer User Interface