Detection of product non-conformance, adulteration, or contamination can be a challenge in quality control chromatograms of complex samples. Product quality is assured by the use of ChromSync, a powerful and highly objective tool that enables the detailed comparison of complex samples to a known reference. It can also be used in the fight against counterfeit products where the difference between the genuine and fake article can be subtle.

Key Features

  • Identify and match peaks between two complex chromatograms automatically
  • Monitors product or raw material content uniformity, critical to your business
  • Consistent, rigorous and objective comparison, unaffected by analyst subjectivity
  • Integrates seamlessly with CompassCDS


Originally developed for the Perfume industry, ChromSync is the perfect tool for determining conformity of complex products whose chromatograms contain dozens, if not hundreds of components. Typical application areas include:

  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  • Paints and Dyes
  • Flavour and Fragrances
  • Peptide mapping
  • Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb)

Minor differences in just a few components of such samples can have a profound effect on quality, for example the of taste or smell of beer. Efficiently detecting these differences increases productivity, while ensuring customer expectations are met.

Automatic Peak Matching

ChromSync works by comparing a sample chromatogram with that of a known reference. Peaks are first matched and then Area Percent data is compared. The result is a highly visual report that details the degree of similarity and the nature of any differences. Sample components are characterised as:

  •  Identical Components present in both chromatograms and within defined area percent tolerance limits.
  •  Out of Tolerance Components present in both chromatograms but differ by more than the defined area percent tolerance limits.
  •  Only in Reference Components missing in the sample chromatogram.
  •  Only in Sample Components present in the sample that should not be there (Contaminants).

Retention time shifts of up to several minutes can be accommodated by the intelligent algorithm during the peak matching process. This reduces the need for re-injection of the reference sample due to column aging.

CompassCDS Integration

ChromSync can be used to compare data from any chromatography data system, thanks to support for the universal AIA .cdf file format. It may be fully integrated into CompassCDS however, allowing chromatograms to be compared automatically as data is acquired or reprocessed. The similarity and differences results are then reported along side standard chromatogram results in the native CompassCDS report, allowing for application of electronic signatures, PDF production, and archiving.

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